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Conference ‘Sons and Daughters will Prophesy’ 

2022 conference flyer updated

Heidi Baker co-founded Iris Global with her husband Rolland, and are at the forefront of a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Mozambique and southeastern Africa that has seen thousands come to Jesus, including in remote provinces. Today Iris Global has locations across the world including in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Malawi, Brazil, Cambodia, Madagascar and many other countries.

Paul Manwaring's careers have four distinct seasons, training as a psychiatric and general nurse, managing prisons, serving on the senior leadership team of a globally impacting church and now pursuing revival based in Windsor, Berkshire. Paul brings a diversity of teaching, ministry, and encouragement. His three books tell a story in themselves, starting with God’s great strategy of Glory, the revelation of God’s goodness in beating cancer and an encouragement to us all in how we can reveal the Father. You will find Paul teaching, coaching, preaching, and imparting. He loves the church and his strategic teaching is focussed on the church being the best that she can be. But he is a pursuer of Kingdom and will lead people and organisations into the next step of their journeys, whoever they are, whatever they do, and wherever they go.

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