Newsletter – Malawi Disaster

This week we have received more rain in the Lower Shire, but there is also an increase in our appetite to surrender our hearts unconditionally to the Lord.  Our church services here on the base over the last few weeks have been much more vibrant – the Lord is at work, causing His bride to be strong and able to help the weak.  In the camps, as pastors and missionaries go to encourage, people are calling out for prayer, and open to encouragement. Malawi-Disaster-3rd-Report-Febrary-1_2015.pdf

Massive flooding across the Mozambique and Malawi areas

Loading helicopter with rice soy meals

Transporting rice/soy meals donated by Iris Malawi from the Bangula airfield across the Shire River by military helicopter to people at displaced camps inaccessible by boat or by roads in Malawi.

Mozambique Flooding Update

After months of unremitting rain in the province, our IRIS Global international base, Pemba, Mozambique is now experiencing the worst flooding in the last 10 years. Our experienced staff have never seen so much flooding and devastation in that area before. All IRIS staff and children under our direct care are safe and sound, but the villages surround our base is suffering beyond repair. Village mud huts are collapsing after weakened foundations and lives have been lost. Thousands in our area are exposed to the elements and having no places to stay.

We are opening our Village of Joy facilities for emergency relief shelters for all who are in need. We are providing food and basic necessities for the children, widows, and those without a safe, dry place to stay. Medical care will be provided for those sick and hurting at our on base medical facility.

Once the rain stops, we will start a local re-roofing project and install steel roofs to replace leaky straw roofs that can’t withstand torrential rains. Widows and children in our area will have a safe and dry shelter to stay for many seasons to come. We estimate that £300 can provide shelter for a family and keep them dry. Pray and believe that we can rebuild homes for those in need.


For all those affected by this flooding and the surrounding villages under water

For the IRIS Relief team as we feed, pray, and care for those living at our temporary relief shelters

Food and shelter for those whose homes have been destroyed

Houses for our workers and volunteers

Land Cruiser trucks with snorkels to reach the flooded zones

Materials for repairing other damages from the floods

About how you can respond to this crisis

Mozambique flooding video 2

Mozambique flooding video

Thank you for the prayers!

Thank you to everyone who has been standing with us in prayer about the flooding in Mozambique. The situation continues to be very serious here in the North and across the nation. Continuous and torrential rains are causing rivers and streets to flood, including major highways. The flooding is some of the worst in independent Mozambique’s history. Most people live in bamboo and mud huts. The roofs here are grass or thin corrugated metal, so the rains are pouring through every crack and crevice right into people’s bedrooms and kitchens. Sometimes it feels as if there is no escape from the water. Many homes are so flooded that they are falling apart. We are re-building and repairing as fast as we can. We are also praying for the rains to stop. Please join us in prayer for our Mozambican friends. In the midst of difficulty, we pray that many people will turn to God who is mighty to save. We know that He is faithful, and we are praying for His love to cover each person here.

Song of Songs 8:7 “Many waters cannot quench love, rivers cannot sweep it away.”