Aid after rubbish dump collapse

In February 2018, following heavy rain, a rubbish dump in Maputo, Mozambique collapsed killing several people who lived there, and destroyed many homes. This is the rubbish dump on which Heidi and Rolland Baker started their ministry in Mozambique over 20 years ago, where the poorest of the poor have made their homes and scavenge for food, and things that they can sell. The Iris Zimpeto team has over the years had regular outreach to this rubbish dump.

In response to this catastrophe Iris Global UK immediately sent funds to aid the Iris Zimpeto base in Maputo to assist survivors in the rubbish dump. The Zimpeto team has been able to buy and distribute much needed food, clothing, blankets, roof covers and also to begin rebuilding houses.

We pray for hearts to be healed by Holy Spirit, for lives to be rebuilt and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared to bring love, freedom and hope to all on the rubbish dump.