Twenty Years and Still Going – Steve Lazar, Iris Zimpeto base, Mozambique

Zimpeto Dec 2015 1Last night one of our missionaries shared a story about a boy who planted a carrot seed and watered it, weeded it, watched it and hoped for it. His father, mother, brother and friends all said it won’t grow…needless to say it did grow and he wheeled off his giant carrot in a wheelbarrow.

For sure our work in Mozambique is like the carrot, we all said and thought it wouldn’t happen but twenty years on it has and is happening.

Loving children is what we do best. We lay no claim to miracles, or crowd drawing transformations. You won’t find us on the next chapter of ‘Finger of God’; in fact our website is so old it seems we stopped updating it a year ago. We are not famous for our awesome preaching or known for our flashy buildings but we love children back to life and bring life to families. That is what we do and we love it.

Last weekend we took the time to celebrate Iris in Mozambique for twenty years. Over 800 men, women, children, government officials, babies and toddlers joined together with Heidi to celebrate God’s faithfulness.

Amidst the humidity, sweat, heat, dust and myriad of otherwise smells the treasure was hearing Feliciano (who cannot talk) grunt into the microphone for two minutes during intercession, I am glad God could understand him. I picked this boy up from another centre over 10 years ago, suffering from institutional neglect, overrun with TB tumours, and suffering from malnutrition. Today he is a testimony of twenty years in Mozambique. He represents the foundation stone for our new church.

Enjoy the photos of our celebration.
Steve and Ros Lazar